Decor Your Bedroom Differently with Unique Bed Ideas

What do you think about unique bed ideas? Sometimes to make your bedroom distinctive and way more attractive you need to leave conventional way in decorating your bedroom. Not to mention, you don’t need something like complicated materials or to use huge amount of money to have unique bed design. By taking benefits from stuffs that you already have and with affordable cost you can have unique bed design. However, think first about the feel that you want to get from the bed. Also, the bed other function like the addition of storage and some other more. Determine the dimension of the room and the bedroom style as the borderline.

Unique Bed Design With Storage

To prevent clutter inside a small bedroom, bed design with storage is worth mentioning. Of course, when it comes to this, you want the bed design that you choose, is more than just something functional. You yearn for good appearance. Nevertheless, unique bed ideas give you more than a mere good appearance. Need bedroom design that provides you with more storage, there is bed design that is integrated with dresser. The dresser is located underneath the bed, and another one is treated as foot-board. Aside as storage solution, the surface of the dresser you can utilize it as your work space. A bed design with dresses as its foot-board gives bulky appearance that, it’s not suitable for small-sized bedroom.
You can leave the idea to decorate the bedroom with that kind of bed design. In lieu of dresser you can consider bookshelves for unique bed ideas. When it comes to this idea, you can treat taller bookshelves which are specially designed as the headboard,whilst the shorter one as foot-board. In the midst of two taller bookshelves you can hang wall art. On the wood panel that connects taller bookshelves you can install recessed light that not only give dramatic appearance to the wall art, but also you can use it as task lamp for reading. Unique bunk bed ideas are great for a bedroom design for two people.
Usually the bed placement of a bunk bed is parallel. For different look, you can pick one with L-shaped design. Indeed, this kind of bunk bed is custom made, even so you can take this as inspiration. Add wheel to the lower bed, thence you have more options for the bunk bed arrangement. Aside from bunk bed, another bed design with storage for bedroom is loft bed. Make the loft bed looks different, some unique loft bed ideas are worth noting. The space under the bed, you can treat it as study space, small library or anything depend upon the person who own the bedroom. Even though bunk bed and loft bed are great bed alternative for kids, adults can consider this kind bed design as well. Simply adjust the design which fit to your age. It’s important to make the bedroom looks distinctive with unique design for bed,nevertheless, don’t neglect the safety matter of the bed.

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