Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Ideas

If you think that dining room is not merely about good looking decoration, but also about energy flow that leads to good luck and bad luck, feng shui dining room is perfect for you. Talk about a dining room with feng shui elements, it means you have to know anything like the right layout, location, decoration, colors, and things to put and to not inside inside the dining room. A dining room is pivotal space for family, not only to share food, but also to share stories which can tighten their bonds. Guess what? A right feng shui for dining room, it can boost family wellness and healthiness.

When decorating a feng shui dining room for apartment dining room, you may face some challenges, however, it is not as complicated as it seems. The layout and the direction of the dining room are the first things to consider. The dining room layout should be square or rectangular for best energy flow. Even so, it is pointless, if the dining room location isn’t right. In case it is possible, the dining room should face the south direction for the abundance of natural light that is good for prosperity and healthiness of family member. Separate your dining room from kitchen, not to mention, your dining room should avoid direct exposure of entrance door, bathroom door, or kitchen door. Adding mirror in your dining room, ensure you know about what to consider when it comes to feng shui dining room mirror.
A mirror in a feng shui dining room, it can bring both positive and negative energies. Sharp edges are taboo when decorating a dining room with feng shui as it represents evil. Choose mirror with beveled or round edges. Mirror that reflects the foods, it doubles the prosperity and wealthiness of the family, on the contrary, if the mirror reflects the bathroom or maybe the kitchen, it gives the opposite impact. In addition mirror inside the dining room can soften the color. Speak of color, do you know what feng shui dining room colors to choose? Generally, all of soft colors are good for the dining room with feng shui elements. Even so yellow and its undertones are best.
When choosing the lighting for feng shui apartment dining room, you have to consider one with yellow undertone as well. Then, how about the table and the rest of decoration? You knew from the previously mentioned that sharp edges aren’t worth considering. Avoid rectangular or square for dining room shape, or if you insist to have one, pick square or rectangular table with round edge as alternative. However, if you ask about the best table shape to give good feng shui for the dining room, then it is oval-shaped dining table. Adding decoration to the dining room is not something restricted, but ensure that you are not overdoing it. Too many decorative elements it can lead to more bacteria stays there. And obviously, it can pollute the food that bring your family disease related to digestive system.

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