How to Design Your Guest Room with Hospitable Style

Guest room with hospitable style is what people search for when they have siblings or close friends wanted to stay for several days with them. You may have this situation also moreover if the holidays have been started. Summer holidays can be spent up not only in the summer camp. This holiday will be so much fun if you have guest in your house. But, you may not want your guest disappointed because you don’t prepare the guest room for them to stay. Well, if this is the condition, you should check the guest room decorating ideas. Let’s check it out.

Tips to Have Guest Room with Hospitable Style

First of all, you need to pay attention in the sleeping area. Your guest will sleep in the same house with you. They may hope for comfortable bedding, and this one should be the key to give your best serving. Even if you have small bedroom for your guest room, you still need the decorating ideas for spare bedroom. For small spaces, you can have Murphy bed to save the spaces in the room. It also works well if you want to create such multifunction guest room. But if you have more spaces in the guest room, you will need twin beds (not too big) for the couple, and for the multiple people you can have the bunk beds.
Next, draw your attention on your guest’s privacy. You can put privacy screen in the guest room to separate the bed with another space there. This will make your guest feel comfortable and stay in your house longer. Now, after you design the bed for sleeping, next you have to take a look at the guest room essentials. Some essentials are very important such as the lighting and the night lamp. Just add the bedside table with nightstands lamp. The table can be very useful too for the guest’s materials.
You will also need the luggage rack to save your guest suitcases so that it will not spend the floor space. This luggage rack is even suitable for the small guest room decorating ideas. Don’t forget to add curtains in the window. For some addition, pay attention to the decoration. For example, you can use the wallpaper rather than painting the wall with common color. Add some hanging planters near the window, and choose unique motives for the bedcover. There are still some ideas you can have for this guest room with hospitable style, but the easiest way to know what you need the most is to imagine and place yourself as a guest that comes to your house.

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