Inspirations For Stairs Wall Decoration Homeowners Should Know

If not all, many homeowners overlook stairs wall decoration. You know the stair walls add the aesthetic appearance of your home. There are many ideas to decor the blank space of the stairs wall. Even so, make sure that before you hang or put anything on the wall, you know how to properly decor the stairs wall. Remember that the very idea why you start decorating stairs wall, is to make your home more attractive, not the opposite. Some factors prior you decor the stairs wall, they are colors consideration, the theme, the hanging pictures, and the way you hang the hanging object.

Stairway Wall Decorating Ideas Basic Guides

Colors play essential factor when it comes to stairs wall decoration. Choose the right colors for the decoration, you can pick analogous colors which colors sit next to each other, monochromatic colors which use the same colors with different shades, and many more. Even though you can pick identical color for the wall decoration, the fact is, you can use any color as far as the color that you choose looks good with the rest of the home decor or its surrounding areas. Theme is what you need next for stairway wall decorating ideas. Understand what theme to choose for stairway wall decoration, it will decrease the hassle to choose the right wall art ideas.
A time machine is one among other staircase wall art ideas to choose. You can put the photographs of your family as stairs wall decoration. Considering this idea, it feels like walk through the time when stepping up or down the stairs. You can also hang your hobbies on the wall. Say that you love music, you can hang various of music instruments like guitar, for instance. Or, if you have talent to paint a wall painting yourself, you can hang your own artworks as part of the decoration. Just like a proper arrangement of your furniture to enhance a certain room at home, when you arrange wall paintings or some on the wall, ensure that you understand a proper way to do it. Because, if you are not, you give clutter on the wall. Indeed, it is not that complicated to hang the wall painting, wall art, and some, however, the decoration looks horrible if you have no basic knowledge about how to hang the said objects.
Staircase wall painting ideas are more than choosing the right colors, painting objects, and so on. It is important to learn about the installation of each component that you hang on the stairway wall. The proportion of the wall painting that you hang should be appropriate. When it comes to this, you can hang the wall paintings for each two or three of the steps. Depend on what kind of style that you choose when displaying the wall paintings, photographs, and more, you can choose either same-size or different size frames. Nevertheless, wall painting or wall art is not the only decoration idea for stairs wall. You can also put light fixtures (like scones), molding, and another decorative elements. Again, there is no strict rule about how to decor the stairway wall.

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