L Shaped Kitchen Layout with Island for Small Spaces

If you think that the L shaped kitchen layout with island is something that can only be obtained with the spacious kitchen, then you are wrong. That is because this kind of kitchen design with the additional island can also be obtained by those who have the limited space in their kitchen. However, when you are going to have the L shaped island in your small kitchen, then you will need to do some of these tips first. That is because these tips will help you get the nice L shaped kitchen island even though you have the small space in your kitchen.

Tips for Nice L Shaped Kitchen Layout

The first tip for small L shaped kitchens is to pick the considerably small island. This one is very important since you will not be able to have the big size island if you have the small kitchen space. Therefore, it will be better for you to pick the considerably small kitchen island size to put in your kitchen. However, you will need to make sure that the kitchen island has all of the things that you need to prepare the meals in your kitchen. The second tip that you can try is to pick the similar color tone for the kitchen island. Some of you might think that the L shaped kitchen layout for the island has nothing to do with the color. However, the matched color of the kitchen island will indirectly give the more spacious looking impression over your kitchen. That means, the kitchen island that you have in your kitchen will not make your kitchen looks totally full and crowded.
The next tip that you can try is to pick the simple looking kitchen island. When you are thinking about getting the kitchen island in your small kitchen space, then simplicity is one thing that you need to have. That is because the simple looking things in your kitchen will surely be great for the L shaped kitchen layout with island. Even though the details of the kitchen island is something that will life the value of your kitchen up, that kind of thing is not something recommended for those who have the considerably limited space in their kitchen.
The last tip that you can try for the small kitchen ideas with L shaped kitchen island is to pick the kind of oval or round corner for the kitchen island. Many of you might think that all of the kitchen islands have the pointy end. However, that is not true since there are also some round and oval shaped end for the kitchen island and this kind of end is something that you need to have for your small kitchen. That is because the round and oval shaped island will give you the kind of more spacious looking impression that you need in your kitchen. Therefore, skip those pointy edges and ends for the L shaped kitchen layout with island. That will only make your small kitchen look more crowded if you add the L shaped kitchen island on it.

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