Looking For Creative Shoe Storage? Here Are Some Tips You May Love

Not only you wear the shoes for its function, but also to improve your appearance. And yes for that reason, you have more shoes than the space to keep it. And the fact that most of the shoes are for occasional use, seeing shoes scatter around the house, it’s not great at all.You agree that have pair of shoes collection, it’s a great thing, however, it is not for the chaos as you have no extra space. No worry, herein you will discover creative shoe storage ideas that are very easy to make, and won’t cost you much money.

Ideas For Creative Shoe Storage Entryway And Garage

Have a huge collection of shoes it can be very challenging when you have no space to keep the shoes. Keeping the shoes properly, it keeps the clutter away and increases the shoes span. For the shoes that you mostly wear, entryway is the best location to store the shoes, here are some ideas for creative shoe storage entryway, therefore the shoes won’t become the eyesore. You can place a cabinet with individual section to place each pair of shoes. Wall shelves are another creative shoe storage ideas to consider. Properly arranging the shoes, you get both storage solution for the shoes and particular way to enhance the appearance of your entryway.
But yes, not all the shoes you store them in the entryway. Some pair of shoes that you rarely wear, garage becomes the right space to hinder the clutter. Do you have unused boxes at home? Utilize boxes, you can create a simple, yet functional diy shoe storage in garage. For the diy project you’ll need; boxes with medium size or typical size that is adequate for a pair of shoes or more. Take a nice paper wrap which color and pattern you can match with the garage decor, you need a camera to take pictures of the shoes, and make sure that you print it afterward, and paper glue. Wrap the box with your desired paper wrap neatly. Note, the boxes should have separate lid.
If it is necessary, you can add glue in certain place, so then, the paper stick with the box. Next, take photo of the shoes, and then glue them on the front part of the box. Place the shoes inside based on the photo, and you are done. Arrange the boxes in certain way, therefore you have no problem to access the shoes anytime you need it. Modern shoe storage bench is another worth considering creative shoe storage. Under the bench you place wheeled storage bin made of wood, so then you can hide the shoes from your sight. You can as well mount two or more rods under the bench. Evenly mount two rods for flat shoes and uneven one for high heels. Crown molding you mount on the wall, this is can be another idea to store your shoes, though you only can mount your high heels there.

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