Small Living Room Ideas with Stairs and Tips

Living room should be one of the rooms in the house that shows the comfort and coziness. In this room family will gather, share their stories, plays with the kids, watching television, or reading a book. You must want to have comfortable living room since you want to enjoy your time here. But maybe there is one problem. What if your living room is small? Plus, it has stairs to go up on the next floor of your house? You may confuse how to arrange your small living room because it has stairs. Meanwhile you want to create bigger look in the living room. Now don’t worry, there is always small living room ideas with stairs and tips to help you get your spacious living room.

Interior Design of Living Room with Stairs for Small Living Room

If you live in apartment which has limited size of room, you will need the tips to have beautiful apartment rooms, moreover, if you have living room with stairs. What is needed for the interior design of living room with stairs is to think about arranging the furniture inside. To make small living room bigger, you can decorate it with mirrors. One idea is to have large mirror hang in the central location, or use two smaller mirrors to make it more unique. Small living room furniture ideas also allow you to use candle or maybe a pendant light to make sure your living room get enough light.
For you who has high ceiling living room in the apartment, you can use this small apartment living room ideas. You can create more space upper by using floor-to-ceiling drapes. In the middle part of it, you can use it as a place for your television. While for the drawer, you can use it to save your stuff, and display your living room accessories. Next tips is to use neutral color for the furniture or for the wall. Using the neutral color will make the living room more spacious. Add soft and neutral color such as white or baby blue and create windows in the living room to reflect the light. You can get calming environment in here.
Rather than using big size furniture, you better choose lightweight size and design furniture. Because if you use bigger furniture, it will spend too much space in your small living room, and it’s not comfortable to be looked. Choose furniture with pale color rather than the darker one. For you who have stairs in the living room, you can use the area under the stairs for the drawer to save the stuff or for small desk. Another option is to put the bookshelf under the stairs for you who like reading. This is the small living room ideas with stairs that can effectively be followed. For the coffee table, you can choose the one that have legs. And rather than using sofas with substantial arms, you can use the one with thin arms. Or, if you really have little space for the living room, you can just have couch and chairs without arms.

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