What Do You Mean by Simple Web Project

Three dimensions of each project

Every project, of any entity, from the website to the construction of bridges on the motorway, leverages three main dimensions that represent – at the same time – the greatest constraints for the success of the project itself:

  1. The time, i.e. the overall duration of the activities;
  2. The costs, understood as the total financial burden of the resources to be used for the project;
  3. The quality, that is the answer to the needs of the customer (internal or external to the company) and to the standards of the market. The quality can also be referred to the intrinsic quality (i.e. the final product), but also to the realization and management of the project itself (quality of the process).

Features of a simple web project

Given that the categories of “simple” and “complex” fade into each other seamlessly and that therefore there is no clear line of demarcation, we can try to locate a series of metrics to measure the complexity of a Web project.

Estimated traffic

When a site or application does not expect high traffic in terms of accesses and bandwidth consumed, you could already talk about simple project. What could be a range of traffic and accesses that define “low” access?

Likely to be contained within 5,000 visits per month and within 5 GB of monthly consumed bandwidth.

A number of content logons reduces not only the costs of hardware, bandwidth and software infrastructures (think for example that some software such as SQL Express is free below a certain number of connections) but mostly reduces human intervention In updating the site and in dealing with users.

There are experiences of forums, blogs, born as simple Web projects that over time have become more and more complex, up to overcome the line of shadow. Usually this is the best wish that you can make to an online project, at the same time the powerful increase of contacts requires some changes to the infrastructure and organization, including:

  • The configuration of a pool of administrators/editors for the moderation of interventions;
    a server pass;
  • A software update.

In Some cases it may be necessary instead of a complete redesign. A good design approach in the initial phase will be useful for the next level of complexity.

The budget range of a simple project

It is not only quantitative numbers that define the complexity of a site, but also the qualitative ones. In particular there are advertising sites, called microsites, or product sites, usually inherent in mass consumption products, which are apparently very simple. These are projects that must maintain a very high graphic standard, and therefore must be considered as complex projects. In These cases the approval process is complicated, the design phase lengthens and the work must be structured from the beginning. A simple project can also be modified in the course of work, a complex No. The role of the project manager in a complex project is also to minimize, if not even eliminate, the unforeseen deviations from the path. In a simple project the goal is instead to optimize the times, the costs and the quality also settling the work in progress.

By what budget figure shouldn’t a simple project go? Under the 4,000 euro budget, we could even define in the “simple rules”, even if the design approach must put the same care and meticulousness that the higher budget.


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