Architecture for Spanish Homes Styles

Decorating the house can be very confusing and tiring. Too many things to take care of and even you have to notice the arrangement for furniture you have. This will be much easier if you have the design before, so you can arrange everything with the style you choose. If you still confuse which style that you will use for your new home, try these Spanish home styles. The Spanish design has elegant look so to decorating it is much simpler to do. But of course, there are some elements you cannot forget to add to your Spanish home look. Do you want to know what the elements are? See and check it below.

Spanish Style Architecture and Arrangement

Spanish style architecture has characteristic of the thick wall, the red tiles roof, and courtyard. Spanish colonial look is very casual and many people have uses it in their homes. The thick wall made from stucco-clad is designed for hot resistant. The thick wall will absorb the heat during daylight and radiate the hot back to the building when the cool evenings come. Spanish style uses roof with red color to brighten the house color. There is also inner courtyard to gather with family or your friends.
The Spanish style furniture that you must have is the small windows, wooden beams and ornament such as artwork from stone or tile. Spanish home uses small window that is sealed by a wrought iron to avoid direct sun rays. The wooden beams are the exterior design for the classic Spanish style. If you choose the Spanish design please limit your ornament of the house. You can use arches, interior passageways, and windows though. For the bedroom, you can include the style of Spanish religious sides. Use the Mexican entryway to make your house look antique and the Talavera tiles.
For you who like the classic or old world Spanish design, you can place the wooden beams to the living room and complete the dining room with the supportive element such as round chandeliers and also arched doorway. Spanish homes style uses the color of yellow, cream, brown, and other vintage color at most. Add with southwestern flair, your home will be more modern. If you like the Mediterranean home styles, complete your house ornament with heavy wooden doors, multicolor tiles, and ornate carving. The arches use the Romans style. Picking luxurious Spanish design is also capable when you choose the dark color for every cabinet, doors and windows.

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